24. September 2017

2017 - part one

The year is already pretty advanced and I did never really get in the rhythm of posting regularly on my blog. In order to catch up I will post a variety of pictures in combined posts to get them out there. I will introduce each shoot with a few words further down.

This is part one and we start off with Demi. When visiting the Ballet School for the ballet project, Demi was one of the girls I spotted quickly – very pretty and one of the main dancers that day. We have been shooting already once after the ballet project and this year we did it again. I believe it was all shot in the Mamyia RZ 67 with Kodak Tmax 400 and Portra 400 (processed and scanned by carmencita film lab).


Next up a shoot with Tania – a very successful, “around the world-travelling” model from Brussels – currently based in Los Angeles.  A lot of the models I have been shooting with the last years are friends of Stephanie, and Tania is no exception. When having a little celebration at home a few weeks back, we noticed that with all the girls visiting I have been shooting. Below a picture of the event with the girls….

Tania visited us at home and I was basically trying to take some portraits with artificial light only… always a challenge, I find natural light so much easier.

Next up are two shoots in one location – we booked a little studio in Ixelles / Brussels. Stephanie was filming a little movie with two girls, while I was shooting with Vicky in the morning and Julia in the afternoon. A long day, but a great way to make the most of renting a place. The best place was the little terrace outside, lovely textures and light. As you can see I had to use it more than once. With Vicky I have been shooting before, and she was one of our models at the film and friends workshop in Brussels. I think I was shooting Rolleiflex and Leica M3 the whole day. Tmax and Portra 400.

Janna was visiting Brussels and we decided to shoot in her hotel. She was staying in the “prettiest” part of Brussels – somewhere between Anderlecht and Molenbeek. Since the terror attacks most people have heard of this place. Brussels has some nice areas, but it takes some time to find out where they are…. if you don’t know, chances are high that you end up in an edgy to rough neighbourhood – and so did Janna. I was happy that the walk from the tram to the hotel was just a few hundred meters…the room was simple, but that was a good thing.

Elchi in Berlin – when I started photography and followed all those fotocommunities online, she was one of those models, I really wanted to shoot with…. I was really happy when she agreed to do so. First time we shot in Dortmund, second time in London…. Here a picture we took in the streets of London. I felt very honoured when she asked if I would take her pregnancy pictures …so here we are a few years later in Berlin.


Final set of images for this blog post with Olga. Last time we were shooting in a dark hotel downtown Brussels, now in our little home outside of Brussels. Enjoy!

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