13. May 2017


These are pictures from the shoot with Chiara in Brussels a few weeks back. That week I was shooting already a lot and when arriving to the shoot I was quite tired and not really in the mood to take pictures. I met Chiara outside Louise Metro Station and we walked and talked for about 10  minutes until we got to the location. She turned out to be a very nice person and that had already a significant positive influence on my mood….. once we started shooting and she kept on throwing these amazing poses and expressions towards my camera, all exhaustion and tiredness vanished immediately – really great shoot! 🙂

I was shooting with a Rolleiflex 2.8F, Leica MP and Nikon FE2 – both with 35mm lenses, and a Polaroid 180. Film was Tmax400 and Fuji FP3000 for the black and white images (including polaroids), colour was probably Portra 400 and 800 – developed and scanned by Carmencita film lab.

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excellent work ….

Explicit series but God how tasteful! Going that far was your idea or hers?

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