10. September 2017



15 years ago, I started planning a trip to Iceland. After looking at the prices, I was shocked how expenses it would be and booked Ireland instead (very nice as well), but I still wanted to go some time….This year, Stephanie surprised me with a trip to Iceland over my birthday. It is still ridiculously expensive, but so worth it!

If you care for a decent room with private bathroom, be ready to spend 200 euro/night. A dish in a basic restaurant would set you back 30 euros, 40 -50 in more refined places. Food was always excellent – often lamb and fish, really tasty and fresh. Our go-to-dish became the “catch-of-the-day”  and we were never disappointed.

Iceland, in many ways it reminded me of Alaska – which I had the opportunity of visiting a few years ago. The landscape is continuously changing and always impressive – a photographers dream and nightmare at the same time. Its so beautiufl and impressive that every photo falls short of what you actually saw and experienced. I am pretty happy with the pictures I took, but they are not even a close representation of the real thing.

Technical info:

Square images – Mamiya 6 with 4/50mm lens…. the Mamiya 6 has become my favorite travel camera, the viewfinder is great if you wear glasses. That is the only reason I use it more than the Plaubel Makinas, which I would prefer if it wasn’t for wearing glasses.

Rectangles were shot with the Mamiya RZ67 and the 4.5/50. I always take two cameras to have a backup and this time I wanted an SLR as second camera. Despite being quite bulky and heavy, its good to use handheld walking around…

Film was mainly portra 160 and 400, developed and scanned by carmencita film lab.

Check out Stephanie’s video at the end of the post!




Thank you for sharing. Really love these images and the video was sublime.

These are stunning images Jan. The clarity is insane! Do you mind me asking what aperture you shot most of your landscapes at to achieve such depth of field, or did you use a tripod? The video is super gorgeous too.

Thanks! My aperture is always between 8 and 11 when outside on vacation. No tripod except some of the mamiya rz images.

Thanks for that info Jan – I’d never have thought of f8/11 on some of the cloudier days – but you’ve totally nailed it – you must have the steadiest of hands 🙂

Thank you for visit Iceland though your delicious photographs. Video is excelently nice too. Bravo to both of you!

Hi! Great pictures and I loved the film too. It does not look as crowded aa people say. Can you just please fix this annoying pinterest hover image?

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