30. April 2017



This post has been in draft status for a long time. The images were uploaded and sorted already for months, but I never came around adding some text. We went to Santorini for my birthday last year in June, it was on Stephanie’s list for places to visit for a long time already. She surprised me and when going to the airport I had no idea where we would be heading. It was my first time in Greece for vacation and I was nothing but positively surprised, our Hotel (San Antonio) was amazing, the location, the view, the food was of the best I have experienced up to now. Many of the pictures have been taken around the Hotel.

imageStephanie organised a scuba diving mini course on day one, which was a first for both of us. I generally love being in and around water, love to swim and dive already since being a toddler, so after a few minutes, after sorting out the pressure equalization, getting the water out my mask etc, I quickly felt at ease and really enjoyed the experience. We had a great instructor, which after some instructions got us in the water and diving in no time.

We made a beautiful trip with a boat to the volcano where after a long and hot day we got to jump off the boat and swim in the sea. It was undoubtedly the cleanest, clearest water I have ever seen. We filmed with the gopro and it seemed you could see for ever. See Stephanie’s video to get an impression of Santorini.

The only negative thing about Santorini was the airport… I heard that it was a mess, so we arrived almost three hours prior departure… it was worse than expected… we were waiting with hundreds of other passengers the complete three hours in the hot sun for security check… it was one British lady from Thomas Cook which organized the mess and managed that people  stayed relatively calm and did not start a riot – she was awesome…. the airport officials and security personnel did zero to rectify the situation… I have never seen anything like that before.

On the photography side, I took my Hasselblad 501cm with the 80mm as my main camera, I had the Mamiya 6 with me, but merely as a backup. Black and White was probably Fuji Acros and scanned by me, I believe most colour was Portra 160 and 400, but I don’t remember. All was processed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab and whatever I send to them looks awesome, Portra or 400h or Cinestill, it does not really matter 😛

If travel pictures are not for you, the next blog posts are already planned… Daria, Chiara, Olga and more… hope to get around uploading them soon….


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Awesome. I don’t know how many times i visited here to see ‘santorini’. I was just wondering what lens you were using with hasselblad.

Thanks – its the Zeiss 2.8/80mm

Beautiful images Jan. I especially like the black and white ones in this. The tones are sooo good. Do you mostly develop yout B&W at box speed?

Really gorgeous sun-soaked pictures!

So incredibly gorgeous, as in: made me gasp! They really make me want to take pictures again.

Love youre pics!

For once, not the typical pictures in white and blue, but still capturing the beauty of this island which left us speechless when we arrived there 6 years ago. Thanks for those images … Reminding me that we need to head back very soon!

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