Südtirol – Italy


These images were taken on a short trip to Südtirol in the Italian Alps. We flew to Milan and drove 4 hours uphill through beautiful landscape.

The one thing that always annoys me when blogging is managing images, arranging them etc. Now I gave blogstomp a try and hope it will make my blogging life easier and I will eventually publish more blog posts. All images are taken either on Mamiya 6 or Hasselblad 501cm (I don’t remember) and Portra 400, processed by carmencita film lab.




  1. Fraser West
    16. November 2017 / 18:45

    Beautiful images. Love the tones

  2. 16. November 2017 / 21:07

    These are gorgeous.

  3. 22. November 2017 / 00:15

    It looks like a James Bond movie location. Lovely pictures.

  4. 26. November 2017 / 10:28

    Hey Jan, very nice series a kind of filmic, scenic landscape and architecture photography. Basicaly I think you use the real space ( Nature and Architecture ) as a scenery, the dramatic would be provided by the human figure ( female body ) … very nice experiment! … and I think you use it in recent time quite often ( I am thinking abour the last pictures you posted from the Spain-Workshop ). Maybe you should go in this direction and do some work as Image Art Director in a film production ( think about Anton Corbijn )

    … the little tool BlogStomp is just amazing! I gave it a try and I am out of mind … you can combine images in so many ways with almost no effort … you see results/combination of your images that you were not aware of!!!

    PS. and out of content. Congratulations for your baby!!! Parenthood is one of the most radical transformations/experiences of us humans … ( the first year is almost sleepless, but you survive it easily … )

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