27. November 2017

Traveling Light Film


Beginning of November I had the honour to attend, speak at a conference, and host two workshops in Torroella de Montgri as part of Traveling Light Film. A tiny little town at the Costa Brava full of photographers, sharing the love for photography, film rolls and outdated cameras. I was seriously inspired by the other speakers, their work and approach to photography and l.ife. Even more inspiring was the positive atmosphere and overwhelming support by all participants – it was like family!

After the conference I was hosting two workshops and the images you see here were all taken during those. I wanted to have a great model for us to shoot with and was lucky that Viktoria was available and willing to join us in Torroella. I have only done a handful of workshops so far, but was always blessed with really nice and cool people to attend, and the same here. Thanks to all of you, and Viktoria for being so nice to hang out with!

Hats-off to our good friend Albert, who with his team organised this great event (see two portraits of him below). Many of you will know Albert as the co-founder of Carmencita Film Lab. He managed to bring together a fantastic group of people, among them some of the most exciting film shooters in Europe and beyond. If you missed it this year, be sure to sign up for whatever might come next year! 🙂

Technical details:

6×7 Plaubel Makina 67
6×6 Rolleiflex 2.8D

Colour: Portra 400 – developed and scanned by Carmencita film lab
Black/White: Bergger Pancro 400, developed in HC110 and scanned by myself. (Thanks Aurelien and Bergger!!)

If someone can help me getting rid of the white spaces between images (its like the line spacing is set at 1.5 or so) I’d be very grateful. (fixed, thank you!)



Your photos are just amazing. Brilliant motifs and women. You are a very talented artist.


Absolutely gorgeous photos, as always. I like how you display them on the page, but it’d be nice if we could see each image a little bigger like we used to be able to!

Keep up the great work. Cheers!

Thanks – you can know open each image pair and see them a little bigger. Next time i will play with the resolution, make them a little bigger, especially if its more than one image combined.

“If someone can help me getting rid of the white spaces between images (its like the line spacing is set at 1.5 or so) I’d be very grateful.”
Sure, The white space is indeed create by the line spacing which is standard set to 1.5. The images are place in an paragraph () try adding this code to your p-tag

A great post with great pictures! Thank you for sharing Jan! There is some softness to the light of your pictures that always impresses me!

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