First photo session after coming back from the highly inspiring Traveling Light. I was really eager to shoot and good that Nakriko from Moscow was “in town”. I dusted off my Contax 645, which was still packed away after it had… View Post

Beginning of November I had the honour to attend, speak at a conference, and host two workshops in Torroella de Montgri as part of Traveling Light Film. A tiny little town at the Costa Brava full of photographers, sharing the love… View Post

These images were taken on a short trip to Südtirol in the Italian Alps. We flew to Milan and drove 4 hours uphill through beautiful landscape. The one thing that always annoys me when blogging is managing images, arranging them… View Post

The year is already pretty advanced and I did never really get in the rhythm of posting regularly on my blog. In order to catch up I will post a variety of pictures in combined posts to get them out… View Post

  15 years ago, I started planning a trip to Iceland. After looking at the prices, I was shocked how expenses it would be and booked Ireland instead (very nice as well), but I still wanted to go some time….This… View Post

These are pictures from the shoot with Chiara in Brussels a few weeks back. That week I was shooting already a lot and when arriving to the shoot I was quite tired and not really in the mood to take… View Post

Daria was visiting Brussels for a few days and I feel very lucky that I got to shoot with her again. I booked a business hotel / flat close to Meiser in Brussels and tried to fill this cold and sterile… View Post

This post has been in draft status for a long time. The images were uploaded and sorted already for months, but I never came around adding some text. We went to Santorini for my birthday last year in June, it… View Post

First post for 2017 – hope you all  had a good start into the new year! I have been shooting a little already this year, but want to start with a shoot from end of last year. Perrine and her… View Post

Third post in my one-blog-post-per-day-until-the-new-year-routine… this was my third shoot with Kaluuna and its always a great experience. In this shoot I tried to combine three of my projects into one. We shoot at the model’s place (1) while I try… View Post

The longer I photograph the more I appreciate simple, beautiful portraits, without being overlay dramatic, emotional or otherwise too fabricated. Not that I would give up on the latter, but I really want to extend my portfolio of “straight” portraits of… View Post

The year is almost over and I still have at least 4 blog posts lined up that I would like to get out. The last weeks were quite busy. I just got back from a few days in China and we… View Post

Anhen is from Moscow, and I was very happy that she finally made it to Brussels and we got to shoot. However, things seldom go as planned. I found this beautiful AirBnb and contacted the owner if I can book it… View Post

This post is about two recent shoots, one with Viktoria in Room 56, in a “simple”  hotel in Brussels and one with Elsa in Studio “Corner 41”. I always like shooting in run-down hotels and bed and breakfast, but they… View Post

Almost one year ago we had the opportunity to photograph backstage at Ethno Tendance 2015, a fashion event in Brussels. We went there on the first day, I took a Leica with black and white film, the Makina with colour… View Post