beautiful day on a dry lake bed outside of las vegas…. when i scanned the lomo pictures (by then I  actually forgot that I shot the lomo) I was amazed how wide my 35 summilux can look 🙂 for… View Post

quick and dirty blog post for the second episode of FILM Season 2 on the [FRAMED] Network. I am in a hotel with my laptop and only lousy internet connection, hence its quite a pain sorting or commenting the pictures,… View Post

a 2 hours stroll through hot und sunny Brussels with Marie. Leica MP / 50 summicron and Hexar AF with Portra 160 and Portra 160VC. Developed by a local lab, scanned by myself…

another travel/street blog post.. I promise the next one will be something different…. we went for three days to Paris – mainly for the fashion week, but it ended up being a nice sight seeing trip. All is 35mm /… View Post

pictures from my second trip to Alaska…. including some images from a long weekend in Spain. most is 35mm film, some 120… Kodak Tri-x and Fuji Acros 100 (developed and scanned by me), Kodak 400CN, Portra 160 and Ektar 100… View Post

Beginning of this year I started looking for a project away from fashion, models etc. The elegance of ballet fascinated me already for some time and I figured that it would fit my photographic style and fascination for something like… View Post

some snaps from a business trip to Anchorage, Alaska… unfortunately there is hardly ever time to spend more energy on shooting… the scenery is just amazing. Most pictures in the city were taken before breakfast or just before dinner… a… View Post

For something completely different…. I was normally not the guy carrying a camera around in every day life… but as I got interested more and more in documentary, street, etc photography, I decided to improve on that part. The post… View Post

new blog post…. shoot last weekend with Marine. styling by stephanie bola, video by stephanie bola. I used a Linhof Technika V to shoot a variety of polaroids and my Pentax 6×7 with Kodak Tri-x for the rest. Hope you… View Post

This time a different kind of post – an interview. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks to the Portfolio Pro Group and Sebastian! Check them out… you find the original interview here:   [Interview] An interview with portrait photographer Jan Scholz… View Post

its been quite some time since the last blog post… and now there is a new one with unusual content. hope to be able to post more regularly in 2013… Last week I have been to Atlantic City for work.… View Post

Images from my Shoot with Shanice last Sunday in Antwerp. We already wanted to shoot for a long time, but it has never worked out. A few days ago I was at her agency browsing through sedcards of models  …and… View Post

quick blog post of yesterday’s shoot with magnificent Marine … the weather forecast predicted rain in and around brussels, so we decided to meet at my place and then decide what to do. If the weather was too bad, we could… View Post

… this is not the classical blog post featuring a shoot. the images here are outakes from three different shoots that took place the last week and they merely serve to demonstrate the concept. since I set up a little… View Post