I love photography, and so many different aspects of it fascinate me. The technical aspects, the cameras, lenses, films are one side to it, the subject (content) matter the other – the bigger one. On the technical side it’s the… View Post

Since about a week I am suffering of some minor (but annoying) injuries after falling off my bicycle. The doctor said, nothing seriously damaged and it will just take some time to get back to normal. I went back to… View Post

Welcome to my “new” blog – after being offline for some time (changing web site host) and not blogging for an even longer period, here we are with new layout and style – thanks to Stephanie! I am increasingly getting… View Post

a variety of events, places and people in one blog post: It starts out with a 5 day surprise trip to Ibiza for my birthday. First I was challenged to a 1 on 1 session paintball, then to a more… View Post

Here some images from the first half of this year… a wild mix of different things – mainly non-staged pictures… a wild juxtaposition of different events that I just want to put somewhere to not get lost… The selection starts… View Post

This blog is becoming more and more a personal diary in pictures, than anything else. A place for me to come back to, to re-visit times and places, experiences with friends and family. The last two weeks Stephanie and I… View Post

I love documentary photography and I love portraits, and especially the combination of both….. one thing that always kept me from exploring this area is my “hesitation” (read: “horror”) to approach strangers and take their picture. One of my favorite… View Post

I decided to boost this blog post a bit and in included my behind the scenes footage – from when the cameras were not running… plus the Valley of Fire images at the end. Hope you like it!

  beautiful day on a dry lake bed outside of las vegas…. when i scanned the lomo pictures (by then I  actually forgot that I shot the lomo) I was amazed how wide my 35 summilux can look 🙂 for… View Post

quick and dirty blog post for the second episode of FILM Season 2 on the [FRAMED] Network. I am in a hotel with my laptop and only lousy internet connection, hence its quite a pain sorting or commenting the pictures,… View Post

a 2 hours stroll through hot und sunny Brussels with Marie. Leica MP / 50 summicron and Hexar AF with Portra 160 and Portra 160VC. Developed by a local lab, scanned by myself…

another travel/street blog post.. I promise the next one will be something different…. we went for three days to Paris – mainly for the fashion week, but it ended up being a nice sight seeing trip. All is 35mm /… View Post

pictures from my second trip to Alaska…. including some images from a long weekend in Spain. most is 35mm film, some 120… Kodak Tri-x and Fuji Acros 100 (developed and scanned by me), Kodak 400CN, Portra 160 and Ektar 100… View Post

Beginning of this year I started looking for a project away from fashion, models etc. The elegance of ballet fascinated me already for some time and I figured that it would fit my photographic style and fascination for something like… View Post