I am very lazy now – just a simple introduction and then the images – unsorted – as wordpress uploaded them. I inserted a few comments wherever suitable… the magnificent model: claire location: my living room gear: pentax 6×7 /hasselblad 501cm… View Post

This is 6 posts in 1 – I was just travelling too much the last 2 months to keep up with my blog. The upcoming weeks should be back to normal, so I hope this kind of post will be… View Post

Anna is from Russia and visited Belgium earlier this year when it was still very cold and dark. It was great working with her – very much fun and very relaxed! …but I should not wait too long between shooting… View Post

I am a bit lost since a few days – I went to Boise, Idaho (….pronounced: Boy-see …in case you wondered)  to join Tanja Schlosser Lippert, Tia Reagan and Ryan Muirhead for a few episodes of FILM on the [FRAMED]… View Post

I am not really a travel photographer and very often don’t even bring a camera along. I am glad I did in Bangkok – the whole city just makes you want to photograph, amazing colors, amazing light, beautiful people and… View Post

Part I of my “Russian Week”…. I was shooting beginning of February with two Russian Models – and this is the first set – both models were amazing! This was downtown Brussels in a really great Bed and Breakfast… some… View Post

I am changing sequence of events a bit… normally another shoot should be coming now, but I still have some colour film at Richard’s Photo Lab to be developed and scanned (first time for me – I am very curious… View Post

It’s been a  long time since the last blog post… end of January I was travelling for a week in Germany, which kept me from developing and scanning film – of course I had to schedule some shoots in Berlin… View Post

I met Julie at a christmas drink of her agency… and knew quite quickly that I would love to shoot with her… and so we did. She just started modelling – and is a natural talent… very easy to work… View Post

the second post for the new year…. the weather was crazy… from storm to sun within minutes… I was changing my shutter time a lot … from 1/30s to 1/2000s… but the real surprise for me was the model… I… View Post

…  a happy new year to all of you!! its been busy since the new year started and I already had three shoots since then – working about 14-15 hours each day. Leaving for the shoot around 09:00, coming back… View Post

….here the series of pictures I took with Coraline last week in Brussels. We had a little discussion recently on facebook about voyeurism and photography, which made me want to do a shoot with a more voyeuristic approach …as I… View Post

A few weeks ago I started asking two of the big hotels in Brussels if I could use one of their top floor rooms as location. I wanted a room with a view over the city and a more modern… View Post

…maybe a slightly different series of pictures this time – maybe not. On one of my recent pictures I got a comment that it had a bit of a Gregory Crewdson feel to it… so I googled him and was… View Post

….the last days of Summer 2011 with beautiful Nirmala … shot in the wild and untouched nature of westerly Netherlands…well, almost… its a beautiful area, but this time there were people with cameras and binoculars everywhere… and even if you… View Post