the second post for the new year…. the weather was crazy… from storm to sun within minutes… I was changing my shutter time a lot … from 1/30s to 1/2000s… but the real surprise for me was the model… I… View Post

…  a happy new year to all of you!! its been busy since the new year started and I already had three shoots since then – working about 14-15 hours each day. Leaving for the shoot around 09:00, coming back… View Post

….here the series of pictures I took with Coraline last week in Brussels. We had a little discussion recently on facebook about voyeurism and photography, which made me want to do a shoot with a more voyeuristic approach …as I… View Post

A few weeks ago I started asking two of the big hotels in Brussels if I could use one of their top floor rooms as location. I wanted a room with a view over the city and a more modern… View Post

…maybe a slightly different series of pictures this time – maybe not. On one of my recent pictures I got a comment that it had a bit of a Gregory Crewdson feel to it… so I googled him and was… View Post

….the last days of Summer 2011 with beautiful Nirmala … shot in the wild and untouched nature of westerly Netherlands…well, almost… its a beautiful area, but this time there were people with cameras and binoculars everywhere… and even if you… View Post

This post is long overdue – Gabriella at Paris – shot in August if I remember correctly. It has become almost a tradition that whenever Gaby is planning to be in Paris, I am trying to arrange a shooting-weekend there as… View Post

Louise is really pretty… the lady who owns the bed and breakfast could not say it enough: “…she is sooo pretty!” …and from the pictures you might get an idea how pretty she is.. but just an idea… there was… View Post

This one was shot yesterday in Leuven featuring beautiful Lisa… I decided to take the train to Leuven and met Lisa at the station… from where we walked about 10 minutes to the location. It was a good idea to… View Post

A different kind of blog post this time… had my first darkroom experience today. Until now I was only scanning my negatives and then printed them via Inkjet… about 2 weeks ago I found out that there is a photo… View Post

Shot last Saturday in Antwerp in a beautiful guest house with Bo as our model and Joke as make-up artist (<– fantastic line-up!) … the place was very close to the shopping district which made the search for a (low… View Post

My blog posts are getting a bit out of sequence – there are still three sessions I need to blog from the last few weeks… hope to find the time soon. These are from yesterday’s session with beautiful Claire in Brussels.… View Post

The shoot with Charlotte was already planned for some time … but due to terrible weather never really scheduled – until last weekend, when it finally  took place. It was already the third shoot we did with hopefully more to… View Post

Shoot with a very international team …. the model: Jelena from Belgrade, Serbia – Make-up and Styling: Anita – a German/American living in the Netherlands – and me, a German living in Belgium… shooting in Paris, France..  the concept and… View Post

Here the session from yesterday with Lara… the unstable weather forced me to find something indoor and so I asked the people from an old coal mine in eastern Belgium if we could take a few pictures inside… I have… View Post