First photo session after coming back from the highly inspiring Traveling Light. I was really eager to shoot and good that Nakriko from Moscow was “in town”. I dusted off my Contax 645, which was still packed away after it had… View Post

These are pictures from the shoot with Chiara in Brussels a few weeks back. That week I was shooting already a lot and when arriving to the shoot I was quite tired and not really in the mood to take… View Post

Anna is from Russia and visited Belgium earlier this year when it was still very cold and dark. It was great working with her – very much fun and very relaxed! …but I should not wait too long between shooting… View Post

Part I of my “Russian Week”…. I was shooting beginning of February with two Russian Models – and this is the first set – both models were amazing! This was downtown Brussels in a really great Bed and Breakfast… some… View Post

…  a happy new year to all of you!! its been busy since the new year started and I already had three shoots since then – working about 14-15 hours each day. Leaving for the shoot around 09:00, coming back… View Post

….here the series of pictures I took with Coraline last week in Brussels. We had a little discussion recently on facebook about voyeurism and photography, which made me want to do a shoot with a more voyeuristic approach …as I… View Post

….the last days of Summer 2011 with beautiful Nirmala … shot in the wild and untouched nature of westerly Netherlands…well, almost… its a beautiful area, but this time there were people with cameras and binoculars everywhere… and even if you… View Post

This post is long overdue – Gabriella at Paris – shot in August if I remember correctly. It has become almost a tradition that whenever Gaby is planning to be in Paris, I am trying to arrange a shooting-weekend there as… View Post

We had this shoot scheduled for early July, but had to cancel due to miserable weather … since then we were desperately looking for a date with a “usable”  weather forecast (i.e. no rain and temperatures above 15C)… we had… View Post

Left on Tuesday after work to pick up Zoi at Tilburg Statiion ….we continued to the Druinense Duinen for our shoot… last time we were shooting indoors so this time we opted for outdoor in nature…. as I have been… View Post

Shot last Sunday in the Netherlands – near Tilburg… in an area called the Loonse en Drunense Duinen. When we drove to the location it was still windy, cold, cloudy and grey… as soon as we arrived and started shooting,… View Post

First nude shoot in almost three months. Jennifer travelled up to Brussels last Saturday for a 3 hour session in one of my favorite and often used locations  – a bed and breakfast in Ixelles/Brussels. It was as well the… View Post