I love photography, and so many different aspects of it fascinate me. The technical aspects, the cameras, lenses, films are one side to it, the subject (content) matter the other – the bigger one. On the technical side it’s the… View Post

a 2 hours stroll through hot und sunny Brussels with Marie. Leica MP / 50 summicron and Hexar AF with Portra 160 and Portra 160VC. Developed by a local lab, scanned by myself…

new blog post…. shoot last weekend with Marine. styling by stephanie bola, video by stephanie bola. I used a Linhof Technika V to shoot a variety of polaroids and my Pentax 6×7 with Kodak Tri-x for the rest. Hope you… View Post

Images from my Shoot with Shanice last Sunday in Antwerp. We already wanted to shoot for a long time, but it has never worked out. A few days ago I was at her agency browsing through sedcards of models  …and… View Post

quick blog post of yesterday’s shoot with magnificent Marine … the weather forecast predicted rain in and around brussels, so we decided to meet at my place and then decide what to do. If the weather was too bad, we could… View Post

I met Julie at a christmas drink of her agency… and knew quite quickly that I would love to shoot with her… and so we did. She just started modelling – and is a natural talent… very easy to work… View Post

My blog posts are getting a bit out of sequence – there are still three sessions I need to blog from the last few weeks… hope to find the time soon. These are from yesterday’s session with beautiful Claire in Brussels.… View Post

Many thanks for all your kind posts on our mishap last week!! … best therapy for me – for anything – is to go out shooting… and thats what we did. It was of course already planned for some time… View Post

What a week! Two shoots got cancelled the previous weekend, the shoots this weekend are facing a terrible weather forecast and the shoot with Sixtine took place despite grey and rainy weather… we were thinking about canceling, but as this… View Post

Last Sunday evening with Charlotte at the Belgian Coast (Oostende)… We met in the train on our way to Oostende … and had the chance to get to know each other  a bit before the shoot… which is normally quite… View Post

While visiting a friend in the lake of constance area, I took the opportunity to arrange a shoot with beautiful Violetta. Contax with Fuji Acros and Kodak Portra… …on the way back from Friedrichshafen I bought the “Schwarzweiss Magazin” (a… View Post

Session No 2 from last weekend: Aline from Brussels. Location is a park close to where I live. We chose to shoot late afternoon/early evening to catch some warm sunlight… Aline was great to work with – strong expressions and… View Post

One beautiful thing about living in Belgium is that you are close to lots of things – one of them being France. I picked up Marine in Lille and from there we continued to Cap Gris Nez – a beautiful… View Post

  Taken this Friday in Brussels … big thanks to Gloria for the great time and all the patience required for shooting large format… more images to follow… we walked for about 5 hours through the city and took exactly… View Post