The year is already pretty advanced and I did never really get in the rhythm of posting regularly on my blog. In order to catch up I will post a variety of pictures in combined posts to get them out… View Post

Almost one year ago we had the opportunity to photograph backstage at Ethno Tendance 2015, a fashion event in Brussels. We went there on the first day, I took a Leica with black and white film, the Makina with colour… View Post

… this is not the classical blog post featuring a shoot. the images here are outakes from three different shoots that took place the last week and they merely serve to demonstrate the concept. since I set up a little… View Post

It’s been a ┬álong time since the last blog post… end of January I was travelling for a week in Germany, which kept me from developing and scanning film – of course I had to schedule some shoots in Berlin… View Post